Alyson Tea is a professional performer artist, femme fatale and model from more than 10 years, with the amazing ability to impersonificate varied roles and different personalities, transforming herslef, based in London.

Full of energy, always looking for inspiration in order to express herself throuth her body, aestetich and moviment, she borned as professional dancer and strip teaser, model affected by alopecia, fire&burlesque performer mixing retro and fetish culture, multi graduate in psychology. Alyson is a natural histrionic character using the combination of her body and art to live in authenticity, in all her unique aesthetic, irrepressible energy and funny unconventional personality, always able to transform herself in many different characters.

Confident, strong and independent female figure, accompanied by deep sensual erotism, pure freedom self-expression, elegant moviment and strong stage presence that makes her a carismatic human being. Moviment, authentic connections and body arte expressions is her need to communicate what makes her feel alive and be present breathing through this never ending process.

She collaborated with different Tattoo Convention, Magazines, musicians and videomakers. She posed as a model for Playboy with an interview dedicated to her, she appeared in the Maneskin music video “Morirò da re”, parading on the catwalk at the Italian TV program “Ciao Darwin”, MTV “Super Shore”, appeared on “Disco ruin” documentary film on Sky Art presented on the Festa del Cinema di Roma 2020, and posed for other covers such as Feroce , Ravine with Tom Rebel during the Milan fashion Week, Megazine and many others.

She danced for internationally renowned DJs and big stage events, memorable parties as Folie De Pigalle, Pervert, Cocorico, Villa delle Rose, Tenax, Altromondo Studios, LGBTQ/Kinky parties and more.

She can impersonate different characters transforming herself, according to requests. Musics and costs are variable based to the performance requested and your needs, she can also provide her own equipment. Available for photo shooting and video, dance/burlesque/fetish and latex performance, fire shows-fire stick (eating, transfer, human candle), feather fans, candle wax and whip. For any further request, please contact us!


Playboy “#6QUESTION” – January 2018
Morirò da re “Maneskin Music Video” – March 2018
Fèroce Magazine Cover – October volume 6 2018
Ravine Editorial for “Tom Rebel F/W” 2017-2018
Ciao Darwin Italian National TV – April 2019


Musica, Riccione
Tenax, Florence
Les Folies de Pigalle
Altromondostudios, Riccione
Samsara, Riccione
Tunga – LGBTQ + party
Molo street parade + Gay Pride, Rimini
Cocorico, Riccione
Jägermeister Italia
Villa delle rose, Riccione
Peter Pan, Riccione
Tattoo convention, Bologna/Riccione
Tattoo convention, Urbino
Bolgia-DJs fro the World, Bergamo
Hollywood, Milan
Pervert entertainment, Milan
Rocket (VOID), Milan
Baia Imperiale, Gabicce mare
WOW The Club, Zurich
Classic club, Rimini
Desigual concept club, Rimini
Coconuts, Rimini
MTV “Super Shore”
SKY ART “Disco Ruin”